President Message

Asslamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

Jamat Raza-E-Mustafa is a universal organisation founded by Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (Radi Allahu Annhu)as known as Aala Hazrat in 1920.The grand Imam established it to make Muslim religiously, socially, financially strong and powerful. The clear purpose of this organisation is to deny misguided sects and protect Muslim belief and  spread the teachings of Maslak-E-Aala Hazrat. I personally request all Sunnis and our Mureeds to join Jamat Raza-E-Mustafa membership as well as establish its branch in your area.

Muhammad Asjad Raza Khan Qadri
President, (Jamat Raza-E-Mustafa)