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For Indian Member
1) A) To become a member of JRM you have to fill in the membership form. 1. Name, 2.Mobile number, 3. Villages (Town), 4. State / Province, 5. District, 6. Taluka / Tehsil, 7. Postal Pin code is compulsory.

Non Resident Indian (NRI) and other country resident.
B) Email Id is MANDATORY for Non Resident Indian and other country resident. City/District is not compulsory or Mandatory (without email id system will not accept your application.) Others blank space is optional. You may be provided yours area news and others facilities through SMS, Mail or Notification time to time.

2) Once the membership has been given to member or application is pending after submitting the application. System will not accept same mobile number and email id which is provided earlier. Only once given a membership to a person for one Mobile number and email id. You will get JRM Member Id by SMS or Mail. (If you Provide Email).

3) JRM's Membership is absolutely free, To take part in religious work you can voluntary donate monthly annually, of your own accord and can became a member by paying a one-time the opener is as Taawoon to JRM. For this you have to go Voluntary Membership Donation and make Online Payment by Clicking on the link on this page to -

4) Your Contact No., Email ID and address will be stored to JRM. JRM Work and Markaz-E-Ahle Sunnat, Bareilly Sharif’s related information will send to you if required. Note: Your information is safe to Markaz-e-Ahle Sunnat - JRM like as a Amanat.

5) To cancel JRM Membership, Website related any complaint/suggestion, And if You have against any JRM Branch and JRM Post Holder and if you want to give any complaint/suggestion you can mail on this email id or visit this page

6) To give Membership / not give membership or to cancel given membership. The full authority of this is only on Mazkazi Jamat Raza-E-Mustafa.

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